No Better Time Than Now to Share Ideas

Thanks to the recent passage of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), we are entering an era when educators can finally take back the reins.

As a key inspiration for this blog, I will look to those bold teachers, administrators and schools who have already done this — who have said “no” to intrusive standards that didn’t suit their school’s DNA and said “yes” to successfully charting their own paths. In this weekly blog, you will find insights into the structures, strategies and tactics used by our nation’s most rapidly improving schools. You will also read my latest observations about the state of education in our country, as shaped by my 40 years working with educators across the country and the world.

At the International Center for Leadership in Education, we have followed, studied and tracked the nation’s most rapidly improving schools.The goal of this study was to understand what these schools do differently to break free from Quadrant A and C of the Rigor/Relevance FrameworkIn turn, we continue to partner with tens of thousands of educators, including those in the Troup County School System or the Asbury Park School District as of late.

To me, there’s no better time than now — when we are beginning to construct the “Post-Common Core Era” — to launch a blog through which I will post the secrets of these successful schools. My ultimate goal is to share ideas that you can implement in your own school to start a conversation, particularly as ESSA frees you and your team to reclaim your districts, your schools, your classrooms.

Your students are counting on you.

Welcome to the What’s Relevant Right Now blog.


Dr. Bill Daggett

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In this weekly blog, you will find insights into the structures, strategies and tactics used by our nation’s most rapidly improving schools. 500-651 Exam Dumps

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